Recipe: Berry Shortcake
Combine red wine, berries of choice and Holiday Sauce (amount depends on desired flavor and hotness). Pour mixture over favorite shortcakes.

Yum, Yum! Enjoy! I hear Koop also is working on a Hot Chocolate Sauce. Hmmm, I can hardly wait to taste and see!

Kimberly Acome

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So my girlfriend and I were walking around the Warsaw, N.Y. Appleumpkin festival when we stumbled across this stand hosting various hot sauces. Koop was offering sample tastes of the various sauces. Having been a hot sauce lover for years he immediately caught my attention. I have tasted everything from green pepper hot sauce to ghost pepper sauces. Most people who make hot sauces get caught up in melting the tongue, but Koop has captured the spirit of sauces by focusing on the flavor that comes from the pepper and not just the heat. By focusing on the flavor he has been able to create the finest hot sauces I have tasted anywhere from Jamaica to the Netherlands. I have dozens of hot sauces in my kitchen, but Koop has a shelf just for his creations. Whatever you are making, Koops make it amazing.

Jessi Dusen
Batavia, N.Y.

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