Hot Sauce Stories

William J. Cooper’s hot sauces all have their own stories and original flavors. From the mild Turtle to the Wild Horse they are tantalizing and produce an amazing hang time. Careful, these sauces are so delectable and mouth watering, once you start you can’t stop. See “All Products” for a complete catalog of my hot, hotter and hottest gourmet hot sauces. All sauces are made from homegrown organic hot peppers, tomatoes, herbs and spices.
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Here is how it all started
When I was a kid, I used to spend time watching my dad make his famous rib sauce. He was such a perfectionist. The ribs had to have that special flavor! I was amazed as I saw him add all the ingredients, then continuously stir and cook the sauce, stir some more and simmer for hours. When I was old enough to be trusted in the kitchen, my mom would let me make my own sauces to put on my food. I was just like my dad. I mixed spices, ketchup, mustard, vinegar and other "stuff." It tasted pretty good to me, and my sister liked it too. Even my cousins and friends liked it... so-o-o, I shared it with them.

My Dad had a garden where everything was homegrown. Eventually I had my own garden, too. I grew every kind of hot pepper I could find and many varieties of tomatoes. I also grew my own herbs and spices. Everything was completely natural and organic; straight from the garden to the table!

My wife enjoyed canning her own spaghetti sauce from the tomatoes and herbs in our garden. When she was not looking, I "doctored" her spaghetti sauce with my homegrown hot pepper sauce. Hot Spaghetti Sauce-what a delicious flavor!

This gave me an idea; in fact, it gave me many ideas for different flavors of hot sauce. I started creating hot sauce and sharing it with my friends. Everyone who tasted my gourmet hot sauces remarked how flavorful and original they were. They said, "Koop, you could market these varieties!" "You can't buy this flavor anywhere!" I've never tasted anything like it!" "You need to sell these online!" This is how Koop's Kitchen Gourmet Hot Sauce was born.

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Bahama Mama story

Bahama Mama Inspiration
Koop with Carlos, waiter in Rosa’s Cuban Restaurant, Miami, Florida - the inspiration for Koop’s Bahama Mama hot sauce.

KOOP meets COOP 
This is the young man who mailed us many hot peppers, including the Fatalii Peppers which were the inspiration for Tamure. Tahitian Dance sauce 


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